“Why keep my body for one person?”

“Why commit to spending my life with one person?”

“Why spend time at church when I get so little from it?”

My teenagers grow up in a world where love has been reduced to ten minutes in bed with someone you like. Marriage has been reduced to fifteen minutes of someone’s time and a piece of paper. Worship of God has been reduced to a sixty-minute ritual, routine and outward observance. It was never God’s intention that love, marriage or worship be experienced as they are today.

It’s not surprising that people, especially young people are disillusioned with love, marriage, and worship. They haven’t been well-modelled. Young people see few good examples of lasting love, a happy marriage, or heartfelt worship.

God’s design for love and marriage is to protect people from the emotional damage of divorce and broken relationships. Worship is the response of a grateful heart for all God has provided for us. Worship realigns us to God’s perspective and priorities. We see more clearly when we see life through his eyes.

Through it all, God remains faithful, even when we aren’t, because real love is faithful.

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