I love to write about the relationship God wants to have with us and I also like to speak about it. So many believers seem to lack joy and freedom in their Christian walk and I love to encourage others to receive the love and grace that God longs to shower us with. There’s a list of topics below.

My devotional thoughts and the books that have significantly impacted me will give you a taste for my theological perspective, plus you can visit my podcast page where there are some of my shorter messages. 

I have a degree in Christian ministry and my theological beliefs can be found here.

For speaking engagements, you can download an information kit here which contains an extended bio, photo and interview questions.

Please contact me via my contact page.

Testimonials – speaking

I have had the good fortune to have had Susan as Pastor for some time. Her talks (sermons) are incredibly well researched. They are very challenging, relevant and interesting. She combines Old and New Testaments in a seamless manner. I also find her theology to be very sound. ~Alan from Walla Walla Baptist Church

Always, her messages were Bible based; I found them challenging and thought provoking. I was also challenged and impressed by her research and the fact that the details of any scripture were thoroughly dealt with. … These days I have followed Susan’s writings through her monthly emails and now her weekly devotion. I am thankful for all that I learn through these. Most importantly Susan’s writings point to GOD. ~ Kathy from Wangaratta Baptist Church

Testimonials – unpublished book

I have really enjoyed your book. It is full of practical, biblical truths and should encourage your readers to prayerfully reassess their thoughts and habits. It certainly did for me. ~ Julie from Maldon Baptist Church

Biblical Women Series

  • Elizabeth – living by faith in disappointment
  • Esther – living by faith with broken dreams
  • Eve – living by faith after failure
  • Deborah – living by faith while waiting
  • Lydia – living by faith in isolation
  • Mary (Jesus’ mother) – living by faith outside cultural norms
  • Miriam – living by faith beyond past victories
  • Priscilla – living by faith in changing circumstances
  • Rahab – living by faith, acting on the evidence
  • Ruth – living by faith with hope for the future

Biblical Men Series

  • Abraham – living by faith during difficult tasks
  • Judah – living by faith means change
  • Joshua – living by faith despite fear
  • Jephthah – living by fatih alone
  • Jonathan – living by faith amidst family conflict
  • Uzziah – living by faith requires perseverance
  • Hezekiah – living by faith when you are blessed
  • Nebuchadnezzar – living by faith is costly
  • Jonah – living by faith in an unfair world
  • Judas – living by faith, or not

10 Blessings of God Series

  • Godly Joy
  • When God Surprises
  • Lavish Grace
  • God Relates
  • Unfailing Love
  • Steadfast Hope
  • God Has a Plan
  • Being Good Receivers
  • Sturdy Peace
  • God Overcomes

For a weekend retreat, I can speak on Trusting God over 3 sessions.