The unexpected downpour, followed by sunny days, caused my teenager to look at our garden and exclaim, “Look at all those weeds!” However, the revelation wasn’t enough to motivate him to take action! He wasn’t a true gardener.

While we may enjoy a beautiful garden, this won’t keep the weeds away. The true gardener will spend time pulling out the weeds to stop them choking the flowers and stealing the nutrients. The true gardener will commit to the regular tasks of watering and feeding. They’re motivated by the love of a well-maintained garden.

Likewise, God is motivated by love. In the creation account, we notice God loves his creation. When sin damages his work and thorns and thistles appear, God doesn’t absent himself while sin chokes freedom and steals God’s blessings. Love causes God to act. He sends his Son, to live, die and be restored to life so he can also restore us.

Our love for God will also motivate us to act. Duty and obligation are hard taskmasters, but love makes serving God a joy. We will be eager to please God – not working to win his love but responding to it.

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