“They haven’t replied.” The mother sighed as she looked at her phone.

We ache over a fractured relationship with our child, regardless if they’re a teenager or middle-aged. Resolving conflict is never easy especially if our children choose to reject our values and standards of behaviour. We long for the day when we can again relax in each other’s company and enjoy companionship. We’d love to talk freely and show our love to them.

Yet God aches over a fractured relationship with us even more. He shows us how much he values us when he tells the story of the lone missing sheep (Luke 15:4). He shows us his diligence in his careful search for us in the story of the missing coin (verse 8). He shows us the longing of his heart when he tells us the story of a missing son (verse 20).

God has done everything possible to restore a relationship with us, even though we’ve often rejected his values and standards. He longs for the day when he can communicate freely with us and let us know how much he loves us. He’s ever searching for us.

Let’s be the one who starts the conversation with God, our children or our parents.

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