Lee Strobel begins his book, The Case for Hope : Looking ahead with confidence and courage, with the importance of hope and how people without hope, like prisoners of war, unaccountably die. Strobel contrasts biblical hope with wishful thinking, blind optimism and hopeful dreams. He makes it clear that biblical hope is a stronger foundation for our lives than these other options.

Through the following chapters, Strobel looks at the following issues: Jesus as the source of our hope, how God’s ability to transform lives gives us hope, how we can have hope for the future, how to handle our doubts and how no one is a hopeless cause. He makes good use of biblical passages, personal illustrations and testimonies and in doing so shows the power of hope. We live in a world desperately short of hope and Strobel’s contribution to the subject is valuable. He writes in a down-to-earth and easy-to-read style.

The final chapter is a 30-day journal where Strobel provides 30 Bible verses about hope to daily reflect upon. There’s space to write thoughts, prayers and possible actions. The book presents an effective rationale for Christians to have hope.

Overall, the book is a great encouragement.

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