In his book, Brave in the making, Travis Barnes uses modern-day examples of people who faced challenges alongside Biblical characters who faced similar challenges. Travis encourages young people to become fearless disciples who live for Jesus and his cause. 

Each chapter focuses on one aspect of what being brave looks like in everyday life and concludes with a thought-provoking question and a Bible verse to remember.

​Travis has spent his adult life serving young people as a high school teacher, school chaplain and youth pastor. He has obtained degrees in education and theology. He currently works as a teacher and chaplain at a school in regional Victoria.

​Travis is my son, so I’m obviously biased but I can testify to Travis’ involvement with young people and his passion to communicate God’s good news. As his parents, we encouraged Travis to go on beach missions when he was a teenager and he has been involved in beach missions, camps and youth ministries ever since.

Overall a great resource for young people and for those who live and work with them.

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