Recently I wrote this article for Christian Today.

Sometimes we might wonder if our story is worth telling. We may have lived an uneventful life that doesn’t seem to have impacted anyone. We may have grown up in a Christian home, attended church every Sunday and came to faith without any fanfare. Yet everyone’s story is unique and worth telling.

Eulogies are an important part of a funeral because friends and younger members of the family will hear a summary of a person’s life. Where they lived, grew up, the influences in their lives, the people they loved and the activities they enjoyed. When we put these things together they make a unique story.

We may mistakenly think that our stories are about us and therefore don’t matter. But our stories are not about us. Our stories are part of something bigger that God is doing in our world. He takes our individual lives and weaves them into neighbourhoods. He weaves neighbourhoods into communities, communities into societies and societies into nations.

Our stories are about what God is doing in our world. He begins with lots of apparently ordinary lives and tells a much bigger story. When any of us tell our story, we tell the story of who God is. The story of God is always worth telling.

Here are some more reasons why your life’s story is important …

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