For the last year I had been writing devotional thoughts for my church newsletter. At the start of this year a new person started as the newsletter editor and indicated that they wanted to use a new format which meant there probably wouldn’t be room for my articles. I was naturally disappointed but the thing that is bothering me is that after three Sundays of the new format only one person in a church of about 100 has mentioned the absence of my article. (This actually vindicates the editor’s decision to leave it out. After all if no one was reading it there wasn’t any point putting it in.)

It leaves me wondering about my writing. Initially I received a lot of positive feed back and I thought my articles were a blessing. But now, in the absence of any feed back, I wondering if what I wrote was too boring, too harsh, too vague, too long, too old-fashioned, too challenging. Just hope I didn’t said anything un-Biblical. Perhaps I should have tried to be more encouraging.