Ruth does a similar thing to Tamar. Following Jewish custom Ruth went to Boaz, a relative of her dead husband at night and lay at his feet to signal she was available for marriage. She risked her reputation in doing this, but she did it, like Tamar, in order to continue her husband’s family line.

Ruth also sacrificed a lot to follow God in the first place. She left her family, her country, and her Moabite heritage and customs. She committed herself to Naomi and to Naomi’s God.

Tamar and Ruth were both living in Jewish settings but both showed a level of commitment that was far above the culture of their day. Both Judah and Boaz are surprised by the commitment these women showed.

Boaz says to Ruth: “The Lord bless you, my daughter,” he replied. “This kindness is greater than that which you showed earlier: You have not run after the younger men, whether rich or poor” (Ruth 3:10).

Ruth is also honoured by being included in Jesus’ family line.

Fortunately for us today God’s purposes don’t involve marrying in order to perpetuate a family line. Aren’t you glad about that?

However are we like Ruth and surprise those around us by our level of commitment to God’s purposes?