In Acts 16 we read the story of Paul preaching to a group of women at Philippi. One of these women was Lydia who was a “dealer in purple cloth.” She would have been a wealthy business woman. Paul only spent several days in Philippi but there are two other stories of conversions. First a slave girl who Paul prays for in order for her to be deliver of an evil spirit and second the Philippian jailer and his family. Then Paul is force to leave but before he does he goes to Lydia’s house. After her conversion Lydia had persuaded Paul to stay at her house. Now he returns there to encourage the believers. Paul has planted a church largely made up of women and later he writes to them in what we know as the book of Philippians.

Lydia was wealthy. Yet her heart wasn’t set on gaining riches. She insisted of using what she had, her home and her resources, to further the kingdom.

Lydia teaches us the value of investing in God’s kingdom.