“Will you come with me, Mum?” she asked on the first day of school.

When our children have to face something unknown or frightening, it is a comfort to have a familiar adult, whom they love and trust, to go with them. Often this person doesn’t need to say a word—their presence is enough.

As adults, we need this too. When we go to a worrying medical appointment or face a difficult relationship issue, or are required to attend a challenging meeting. It’s a comfort to know we aren’t alone. Perhaps this is why the most recorded command in the Bible is, “Fear not.” The reason we don’t fear is because God is with us. Sometimes this doesn’t feel like enough. We want something more tangible and there are times when God will send someone to be with us.

However, if God is all we have, then he is enough. Acknowledging that God loves us and stands with us as we face the unfamiliar, the uncharted, or the unknown, is a great comfort.

God’s desire is to be with us. Let’s welcome his presence and know he is there for us.  

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