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Who switched off my brain?

July 13, 2013

Over the last few days I’ve been watching the DVD series: Who switched off my brain? Controlling toxic thoughts and emotions by Dr. Caroline Leaf.

Dr. Caroline Leaf researches and lectures about the human brain. Her work covers such issues as: how memories are created, how our thoughts are formed, the effects of stress on our minds and bodies, how to control our thoughts, how male and female brains differ, our unique giftedness and related subjects.

One of the topics I found particularly interesting was how memories are formed. If we want to remember something we need to mediate on it, think about it, ask, question, discuss. If we don’t we will lose the information after about 24-48 hours. This explains why cramming is ineffective as a study technique (unless it is done very close to exam time).

Dr. Leaf discusses the right side and left side of the brain. It has been said that the right side of the brain is artistic side and the left side logical. However Dr. Leaf believes the right side of the brain works from “big picture to detail” and the left side works from “detail to big picture” so that both sides of the brain work together.

A key point of the DVD was the 13 steps to detoxing our brain which are as follows: capture our thoughts; be careful with our words; express our emotions; take responsibility for our own actions; consider our dreams; forgive; love; our need for physical touch; play and laugh; exercise; diet; address our spiritual needs; and relax.

An informative and interesting DVD series.

by Susan Barnes
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