“Who is it?” asked the teacher, showing a picture of a notable person from history.

Students are often encouraged to read the autobiographies of famous people or study their self-portraits. Though they have never met them, they have the opportunity to read about them or view their paintings with more understanding of what they’re really like. What are the reasons behind their actions? What are their motivations? And consuming passion?

When God inspired people to write the books that would become the Bible, he didn’t dictate a creed or a list of theological statements about himself and his characteristics. Mostly the authors wrote stories about how God had intervened in their ordinary lives. These writers wrote about their history as they were moved by God in various ways and at various times and in the process they learnt God’s character.

When God decided to show people what he was really like he sent a self-portrait – Jesus. God knew this would be the only way we could fully grasp, what he is like. We needed to see God in human flesh so he came.

Ultimately God wanted people to know the reasons for his actions and that his motivation was love. His consuming passion was to be in a relationship with us.

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