I’m currently reading two books and struggling with both of them.

Firstly I’m reading, A Big-Enough God : artful theology by Sara Maitland which is an interesting read though a bit too academic for me. Nevertheless she makes some thought provoking statements like this:

What I’m going to do is tell you a few little stories, which show that scientists, far from pushing us into an apologetic God-of-the-Gaps sheepishness, are in fact opening up for us a vision of God infinitely greater, bigger, cleverer, wilder than our somewhat stunted imaginations have allowed us; a God who is not tamed and constricted by our definitions; a God who challenges us. (pg.50)

Secondly for some light relief I started reading, You See Bones I See an Army by Floyd McClung. However while I believe what he is saying is valid I’m having trouble connecting with it which may just be a cultural thing. Anyway I did like this bit:

Every church is made up of people, and people are fallen. Fallen people hurt and disappoint each other. We make mistakes. We sin. The closer we get to each other, the more we see each other’s faults, and the more we can hurt each other. If we seek community with other followers of Jesus without an orientation to forgiveness and mercy, we will experience continual conflict and division … Idealistic humanists don’t do well in community, not because they are not perfect, but because they have not acknowledged their imperfections and received the forgiveness of God. If they have not received forgiveness, they will struggle to give it to others. (pg.25)