I have just read Jesus the fool by Michael Frost and will write a review soon. There is quite a surprising story about how I came by this book. On the Friday, prior to the Saturday my son was married, I was at the church building where the ceremony was to be conducted. This was not the church where my son actually attends because that building was too small. While others were busy decorating the church I was wondering around the foyer. There was a table with some books on it which immediately attracted my attention. They seemed to be old books which I assumed they wanted to clear but there was no sign or donation box. The book, Jesus the fool, caught my eye. I heard Michael Frost speak some years ago and ever since have wanted to read this book. I had been told it was out of print and the publisher wasn’t reprinting because people had been offended by the title. I couldn’t find anyone to ask if I could have the book or make a donation for it. I wasn’t passing up the opportunity so I *stole the book!

*Not really, I left a note with my name and address and later rang the church office—but I didn’t want to spoil a good story with the facts!