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What I’ve been reading…

December 16, 2009

I was sent a free copy of Thrive. It is a dated 3-monthly daily devotional written by Matthew Jacoby who was the founder and lead singer of the band Sons of Korah. There is a Bible reference and a short devotional piece for each day from Monday to Friday. Then, there is a weekend reflection to reinforce what you have read during the week. Thrive is an Australian publication written by the pastor of a church I attended many years ago. However we have not met.

For many years now I have enjoyed reading Every Day with Jesus by Selwyn Hughes. Selwyn died a few years ago but the publishers have revamped some of his older editions and continue to publish it. I have also over the years read other devotionals but I don’t like those which are not written around a theme.

The first edition of Thrive is called, The goal is God and is dated Nov 09 to Jan 10. In it Jacoby writes about just three Psalms (130; 73; & 126). He brings a fresh perspective and new insights to these Psalms. He encourages people to have an intimate relationship with God and gives practical suggestions of how to do this.

I’m enjoying reading Thrive and I’m finding it refreshing. I plan to continue reading it next year.

by Susan Barnes
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