The other day I heard a talk by Pastor Mark Tubbs about the five fold ministries listed in Ephesians 4:11. He shared a different perspective from what I’ve heard before. I don’t think this understanding is the only one but I found it helpful.

Mark’s premise was from Jeremiah 1:5 “before you were born I set you apart; I appointed you as a prophet to the nations.” God’s destiny was in Jeremiah before birth. Likewise our destiny is in us before birth and the thought is that we will relate more strongly to one of these five areas of ministry than the others. Sometimes the easiest way to find out which one you identify with the most is to read the ‘snag’. The snag is the area where the devil will try to bring you down.

Apostles desire to see people work together, to see people nurtured and growing, to see people released into their destiny. They bring people together who wouldn’t normally get together.

Snag: They struggle with being overbearing and thinking their way is better. They need to learn to wait for God to tell others what he has told them.

Prophets desire to hear the voice of the Lord. They value dreams. They ask: “what is God doing here?” “what is God saying?” They connect the natural with supernatural.

Snag: They struggle with every day life. They are slightly out of touch with world. They miss appointments.

Evangelists have more concern for the lost than most. They share anything they are excited about. They love to meet new people. They are the most bored with church – same people, same thing every week. They see the hope in people and love to hear the gospel preach.

Snag: They struggle with feelings of rejection and being misunderstood.

Pastors have more concern for others than most. They love to listen. They ask follow up questions, take an interest and notice who’s missing.

Snag: They struggle saying no to people and feel guilty if they do say no.

Teachers love truth and the word of God. They love divine order and firm foundations. They communicate principles for godly living. They don’t take things lightly – when they say yes they mean yes. They hunger for deep understanding and revelation. They need time to think.

Snag: They struggle with being judgement. They hate injustice because they love truth but this can hinder their ability to move in grace.