About six months ago I tried to run an on-line Bible study by studying a psalm a week. To be honest the idea was a flop. However over the last month there has been a successful Bible study going on over at exfoliations where we looked at a chapter of Acts each day for the month of February. Feeling somewhat inspired I thought I would have another go and have decided to use the same format as Jon used. So as the host of this study my role is simply to post the heading each day and others can comment (or not) as they like. So starting on Monday I will be looking at Galatians and since there are only six chapters it will only take six days.

The nitty gritty of working out the timing of this is a little tricky and it doesn’t really suit me to post at midnight or first thing in the morning. But I figure as long as I post the heading at about the same time every day people will have 24 hours wherever they live. Consequently the time that suits me best to do this is at about 7pm AEDT (Australian Eastern Daylight-saving Time). (I think this is about 17 hours ahead of central US time.)

Anyone is welcome to join in if you would like to, so watch this space.