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Seeing ourselves as God sees us

God is the God of all truth and his view of us is more accurate than our view of ourselves. He knows all he achieved for us through Christ’s death and resurrection and wants us to walk in truth. The devotions will be approximately 300 words long (not including the prayer) which I’ve found to be about the length churches require if they are using them for their newsletter. Please feel free to forward these devotions to friends or churches.


Miriam – Living by faith beyond past victories

This is a free booklet that is an addition to the manuscript that I’m currently working on called, 10 Ancient Women who Made a Difference.


Can our lives really make a difference?

Miriam made a difference. When Miriam left Egypt, she packed her tambourine. She packed it in faith, believing God would rescue them from the Egyptians and knowing she would need it to celebrate God’s goodness. She celebrated a great victory on the far side of the Red Sea.
But later Miriam struggled with Moses’ leadership. She teaches us not to rely on past victories.