It has been 12 months since I have written about the progress of my book. This is mainly because there has been no progress, only some retreating! I recently received a rejection note that told me my writing was too preachy, which was very disappointing; especially as this is the second time I’ve been told that. I was talking to a friend who said she didn’t find my writing preachy. However she added that perhaps it was because she knew me and knew I wasn’t a preachy kind of person, which was reassuring. However in the light of these comments I feel I need to do a major rework.

Another interesting thing I’ve discovered is agents want all the permissions in place before they are approached. Permissions are sometimes necessary if you quote other sources. I would like to quote some song lyrics but mostly only one line from a song. However it seems, from what I’ve learnt so far, that even for one line I need a print license. In order to get a print license I need to know the release date and number of copies published. Of course, as yet I haven’t even got a contract so it is impossible to know this. I am continuing to make enquiries but it is probable I won’t be able to quote any lyrics (unless they are in the public domain) which is a bit sad.

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