I watched the final episode of JAG last night (I don’t know why it took soooo long to get to Australia). I used to watch JAG every week when my daughter lived at home but then it got longer and longer between series and I lost interest. Nevertheless at one time I really enjoyed the show so I wanted to see the final episode. Unfortunately I found it to be disappointingly unromantic!

Harm eventually proposes to Mac but then neither of them willingly sacrifices their new job opportunity in order to be with the other. Don’t the JAG writers know that romantic love is about sacrifice? Now if Harm and Mac had had a big argument because both of them wanted to give up their new jobs in order to be with the other, that would have been romantic and then it would have been okay to finish the show with a toss of the coin. But as it was, who cares?

It reminds me that the gospel is the greatest, most romantic love story of all because the Bridegroom sacrificed His life for His bride.