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10 Ancient Women
Who Made A Difference

Why did these women act in faith
when it would have been safer not to?
Are you ready to make a difference to your world?

Discover 10 women who stepped outside their cultural norms and made a lasting impact on their communities, even though they were often misunderstood, ostracised and criticised.

By reflecting on the lives of these women, we are inspired by their courage. They trusted God in dangerous and challenging situations. Yet this isn’t a fictional retelling of their stories. Instead, Susan looks deeper into their stories to find their motivation.

Interspersed with their accounts, Susan shares from her own journey of walking with God through difficult circumstances as well as the mundane. She explains how these women have taught her spiritual lessons—patience, flexibility, teachability and hope. These women’s stories both challenge and encourage.

Susan’s Bible knowledge, personal experience and practical approach will encourage you in your relationship with God.


Chapter 1: Elizabeth – living by faith in disappointment
Chapter 2: Esther – living by faith with broken dreams
Chapter 3: Eve – living by faith after failure
Chapter 4: Deborah – living by faith while waiting
Chapter 5: Bathsheba – living by faith after sexual abuse
Chapter 6: Lydia – living by faith in isolation
Chapter 7: Mary – living by faith outside cultural norms
Chapter 8: Priscilla – living by faith in changing circumstances
Chapter 9: Rahab – living by faith, acting on the evidence
Chapter 10: Ruth – living by faith with hope for the future

SUSAN BARNES has been involved in pastoral ministry for 30 years, serving firstly as a pastor’s wife and later as an interim pastor. She has hundreds of devotional articles online and in print. She has a degree in Christian ministry and lives with her husband in Bendigo, Australia.
She makes it her ambition to live a quiet life, but has discovered God often has other ideas!


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