Each summer I like to watch the Australian Open tennis and generally I post about a parallel between life and tennis. This year I’m writing about unforced errors.

Unforced errors are so named because the player has made an error but it wasn’t forced by the opponent. However even double faults can almost be forced errors because the player knows that if he doesn’t hit a good serve he is going to lose the point so they hit a bit harder or a bit deeper and miss. An unforced error has almost been forced by the good returning of the opponent.

Last night I watched Hewitt play Raonic. I actually think Raonic was the better player but Hewitt won the match. Hewitt put so much pressure on Raonic that it caused him to make supposedly ‘unforced’ errors. Commentators often talk about the ability of a player to soak up the pressure and not let it affect their game. Depending on how well a player is able to do this can determine the outcome of the match.

I wonder in life how good we are at soaking up the pressure and not caving in the tactics of our enemy, the devil? The devil knows how to put us under pressure, he knows how to remind us of the difficulties that distress us, he knows how to remind us of incidents where we were mistreated. Like tennis players we need to soak up the pressure, stick to our game plan of focusing on the goodness of God and not be distracted by these unwanted thoughts.