The last of my favourite films. After this I’m going back to books! (By the way if you buy this movie on DVD one of the deleted scenes is where they get married. I don’t know why they deleted this scene because it is rather amusing, unless it is because of her wedding dress which is completely awful!)

Lucy Kelson, (Sandra Bullock), has been brought up to believe that she can change the world. She is a lawyer trying to preserve historic sites when she meets George Wade (Hugh Grant). George is the “face” of the Wade Corporation. A company whose business involves tearing down historic structures to develop new buildings. Lucy goes to work for the Wade Corporation on the premise that she will be able to make a real difference and save historic sites. Yet in the end it’s Lucy that says, “I can change”.

So often we think it is the other person who needs to change when in reality we’re the one who needs to change.