I signed up for Twitter seven weeks ago and at the time I was told I would figure it out as I went which has been partly true. There are two things in particular that I didn’t expect. One is, I am being followed! Mostly by people who have blogs that I read, but also a few surprises—a skate park in Singapore! By someone who follows over 20,000 people—don’t expect he reads too many of my updates! It becomes apparent fairly quickly that people have a filter system, because no one would have time to read updates from even 1,000 people let alone 20,000. But doesn’t it sort of defeat the purpose of following people if you don’t plan to read their updates? This is something I haven’t figure out yet. Please let me know if you have.

However on the up side I have found an unexpected bonus. I follow people whose blogs I read. Mostly I was reading their posts on Google Reader but I have discovered that when these people post they also put a link in Twitter, often with a bit of a description. This has been very helpful as now I only read those posts I am actually interested in. (So if you are blogging about your dog, sorry, but since I’m not into pets I’m not going to read it!) Also as people recommend other posts, I find I am reading a great variety of posts from a wider range of places which has been great. Another feature I’ve found (though it is actually on TweetDeck and not on Twitter) is I can connect it to my Facebook account and read my friend’s status updates without going into Facebook. In fact it is easier to read these updates on TweetDeck than it is on Facebook. I can also update my own status from TweetDeck.

So with Twitter I am no longer using Google Reader (however I do use Feedblitz for those bloggers not on Twitter) or going to Facebook as often so I have more time to read those posts that genuinely interest me. This has to be a plus.