Further to my last post I was asked about my tough questions in relation to the Bible. Well, I have thought of another tough question – truth telling.

Most Christians are keen on telling the truth and I’m certainly not against it. But it is interesting to read some of the Biblical accounts. For example Rahab was “considered righteous for what she did” James 2:25 when she deliberately deceived the king’s messengers. Tamar was held in high esteem for deceiving Judah (see Lost Women of the Bible). Even Jesus Himself when asked about Jairus’ daughter said she was asleep when she was actually dead (Mark 5:39). I know that we spiritualize this and say that from God’s perspective she was asleep but the people who heard Jesus understood Him to mean physical sleep. I was leading a Bible study some years ago and asked the group amongst other things, if Jesus lied. (Even then I wanted to ask the tough questions!) For some reason which I can’t remember, I asked people to work in pairs and write down their answers. One group which I overheard said, “we’ll just write ‘no’; we don’t have to give a reason”. I didn’t mind them answering ‘no’ but why weren’t they prepared to discuss the tough question? What is the Biblical position on truth telling?