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Towards Belief – The Supernatural

December 9, 2013

Continuing with a more in depth review of the DVD series – Towards Belief. This week looking at the Supernatural:

• The Bible is full of supernatural events
• Christians believe that miraculous events still happen
• When asked the question: have you had instances in your life that have made you think that there is a supernatural? Many people will say yes
• The philosopher Hume and others believed that miracles weren’t violations of the natural law and that the natural law could not be violated thus denying the miraculous
• Other cultures are more open to supernatural experiences and have eye witness accounts of miracles eg Congo
• God is active when nature behaves regularly as well as when it behaves oddly
• Jesus’ resurrection – miraculous occurrence – was part of the core beliefs of Christianity within 5 years of Jesus’ death
• Miracles are a foretaste of God’s kingdom
• Miracles are not consistent or predictable because God doesn’t want robots
• Miracles let us know God cares which gives us hope

by Susan Barnes
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Susan Barnes

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