I recently watched the DVD series Towards Belief and was very impressed with the high level of research and the depth and variety of the information provided. The presenters were highly qualified and brought a perspective that had great validity. Furthermore, the presenters were not merely presenting intellectual arguments but rather the viewpoints that had personally impacted them. Karl Faase also does a great job as a host.

The series was created to address 10 areas where people struggle with issues of faith. These are:

Karl Faase

1. Suffering
2. The Bible
3. Supernatural
4. Religious Violence
5. Exclusive Faith
6. Church Abuse
7. Science & God
8. Homosexuality
9. The Church
10. Towards Belief

As a believer, I found my faith confirmed as I watched each episode. Sometimes their arguments were more academic than I could appreciate but I understood that their answers had been well thought through. They spoke with sincerity and concern for their listeners.

A great series that would work well in a small group setting.

For more information: Towards Belief