I have been reading bits and pieces of “Boundaries Before Marriage” by Cloud & Townsend. They have written this book in response to feedback and questions they were getting after the release of Joshua Harris’ book, “I kissed dating good-bye”. They found Harris’ book to be rather over the top with its non-dating policy. But worse than that they have found some Christians/some churches have taken an even more extreme view than Harris and declared dating to be sinful!

It reminds me of a discussion on John’s blog about drinking. I commented at the time, “It seems that Christians gave up drinking as the church reacted (or over reacted) to the growing problem of alcoholism in our society”. It seems that now some Christians or some churches (mostly in America) are over reacting to some dating problems and are now making up rules about not dating. It is really quite amazing how Christians love to put restrictions around things that God has not. I wonder if it is because we find our freedom in Christ so overwhelming that we actually prefer to have rules. When there are rules we don’t have to think about or pray through our response to individual issues.

Anyway getting back to “Boundaries Before Marriage”, it seems to be a more balanced approach to dating, with some good advice for singles.