From time to time I have visitors to this blog who hold a different world view to mine. Normally I enjoy these visits (via comments) even though they are often aggressive in their disagreement. However I like the exercise of having my beliefs challenged and having to think through the various arguments that these people present. The thing I have found though is, generally speaking, they present no new arguments as I have read quite widely about differing viewpoints. Interestingly enough I find these people have usually read quite widely about the Christian viewpoint. Consequently after about three exchanges (their comment, my comment, their comment, my comment, their comment, my comment) I find there is no point continuing the exchange. They are not going to cause me to question my beliefs and I have not caused them to question theirs. Therefore I will terminate the conversation after three exchanges. This is my three strikes and you’re out policy. Like everyone I only have limited time.

Recently I had someone come by my blog who would not take “conversation over” to mean what it says. So I turned on comment moderation so I see the comment before I agree to it being published. I have done this with great reluctance since there are times when I am away from my computer for a day or two at a time. So I would like to apologize in advance for any inconvenience this may cause.