I am often offered free books in return for writing an honest review on my site and as an avid reader, I greatly appreciate this. However I am finding that some of the books offered to me are not a genre or in a format that I enjoy, so I thought I’d write some guidelines:

1. I don’t like reading ebooks or books over 350 pages unless they are by an author I have already read and loved.

2. I like to read non-fiction Christian living books but steer away from those that are traumatic—like those about people who are terminally ill.

3. I steer away from books that are highly academic or not relevant to my context and culture. I’m also not keen on books that are extended metaphors or abstract in nature.

4. I like mysteries as long as they aren’t too violent or too sexually explicit.

5. I like to read Christian fiction that is realistic and not solely focused on romance.

6. I don’t like to read fantasy, though can cope with a fantasy twist.

7. I like to read Christian children’s books especially if they are set in Australia.

8. I have a preference for Australian writers.

It seems I’m becoming increasingly selective about the books I read, but like everyone, I have limited time.

So if you have a book you would like me to review feel free to send me a request via my contact page, but please don’t be offended if I say no.