I am often offered free books in return for writing a book review on my blog and as an avid reader I greatly appreciate this. However I am finding that some of the books offered to me are not a genre or in a format that I enjoy so I thought it was time I wrote some guidelines:

1. I really don’t like reading ebooks or books over 350 pages, unless they are by an author I have already read and loved.

2. I like to read non-fiction Christian living books but steer away from those that are traumatic—like those about people who are terminally ill. I also steer away from books that are highly theological or not relevant to my context and culture.

3. I don’t like to read fantasy.

4. I like to read Christian fiction but not those solely focussed on romance.

5. I like to read Christian children’s books especially if they are set in Australia.

6. I have a preference for Australian writers.

It seems I am becoming increasing selective about the books I read, but like everyone I have limited time.

So if you have a book you would like me to review feel free to send me a request via email but please don’t be offended if I say no.