I’ve been a bit ‘awol’ lately. I’ve been having a busy time because there are some tasks I would like to complete before I finish at the library. Also the weekend just gone, in our part of the world, has been a ‘long’ weekend because of the Queen’s Birthday and I had some friends come to visit.

I have not actually seen these friends for 8 years and had only kept in contact by way of yearly Christmas letters. I first met them about 25 years ago and at that time we went through some common experiences which created a connection. However one is never quite sure how these connections are going to hold up over time and distance. We have both moved several times which would have made things difficult enough but then it turned out that they had jobs where they worked Saturdays and I had positions where I was unavailable on Sundays. However thanks to the ‘Queen’ we eventually managed to spend some time together and it was great.

It was surprising how much we still have in common and how many common experiences we have had in our long absences. Friendship really is a precious gift. It is such an encouragement to spend time with like minded people and feel understood and validated. Now that we are older and have less demanding family responsibilities we plan to make sure it isn’t 8 years before we catch up again.