Finished reading “Things Unseen : living in the light of forever” by Mark Buchanan. Mark tells a lot of stories about people he knows but also uses a lot of illustrations, often from movies. The illustration that impacted me the most in this book was one from the movie, “The Karate Kid”.

Apparently Daniel in the movie wants to learn Karate and asks the Japanese gardener to teach him. In exchange for lessons Daniel must do some chores for the gardener. The first day he has to wax the car, the next day he must paint the fence and the third day he must sand the deck. By now Daniel is upset because he has had no Karate lessons, or so he thinks. In doing each of these chores the gardener has been very particular about Daniel’s hand movements. Now the gardener attempts to attack Daniel with Karate moves and each time Daniel is able to block the hit with the waxing, painting and sanding movements he had learnt doing the chores. He had learnt Karate unawares. Mark suggests it is sometimes like that with the things God is teaching us. Often to us the things we must do are repetitive, uninspiring and pointless but God is at work. We are learning spiritual things unawares.

It reinforces to me that so often I know so little about what is really going on spiritually. It reminds me that in Job 1 & 2, Job is never aware of the conversations between God and Satan that takes place there. Even after Job’s trails are over when surely it wouldn’t have mattered, he still never finds out about these conversations that had had an immense bearing on his life. For me it means because I have such a limited perspective here on earth, I must trust my heavenly Gardener that He knows what He is doing and in time I will find I have learnt spiritual truths unawares.

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