The Introvert Advantage by Marti Olsen Laney (Workman, 2002) is a fascinating book if you are an introvert! The author explains how being an introvert actually makes a difference to how your brain functions. She has researched many academic studies which show how the brain uses different pathways. From this research she explains the practical difference this makes in daily life. So on the one hand the book contains serious research material and on the other it makes application of this material to everyday life. I found it very helpful to understand how my brain is processing information and why some things are more difficult for me than for extroverts.

Marti emphasis how being an introvert can be advantage if you learn to work with your introvert tendencies rather than trying in fit in with a generally extrovert world. I learnt how I can make decisions in keeping with being an introvert that won’t leave me feeling overwhelmed or exhausted.

There is probably not a lot in the book if you are an extrovert, unless you are married to an introvert or have children who are, or unless you are just a curious person who likes to understand other people.