Dead to Mr Law Married to Mr Grace by Michael Edwards from FaithWriters:

At 22, Maria still lived with her demanding father, Mr. Law. Every morning, Mr. Law would give Maria a list of don’ts and to do’s. Every evening, Mr. Law would come home and point out where Maria had failed. No matter how hard she tried, Maria could not meet her father’s perfect standard, and every evening Mr. Law made it quite clear she had failed again. Crushed daily by her father’s burden, Maria’s spirit sank. His constant criticisms left Maria feeling guilty, ashamed and beaten down. Still, Maria woke every day to try again.

Then one day, Mr. Law came home to find everything in perfect order, sparkling clean and Maria singing and dancing around the house.

“What has happened to you Maria? Why are you so happy and why is everything in perfect order like it has never been before? You have gone above and beyond, completing all of your tasks and more. Have my threats and fear of punishment finally gotten through to you?

“No father, Mr. Grace has asked me to marry him, and he is coming over tonight. He loves me with all his heart, and I love him with all mine. It is my heart’s desire that everything be perfect for him.”

Motivated by love, Maria freely and joyously did what the law could never make her do. If you have ever been in love, you know how Maria felt and why her chores were now with little or no effort.

Once we realize how much our Heavenly Father loves us, His love will fulfill the law through us. We will fulfill the law out of love being free from the fear of punishment. We are dead to Mr. Law and now married to Mr. Grace.