This week I have been reading some articles about working in a Christian culture and I was particularly impressed with an article about team building by Eddie Gibbs. This is a summary of what he said:

Younger leaders are looking for leadership that is low profile, low budget and low maintenance. Low profile because younger leaders often don’t want to carry the burden of leadership responsibility alone and therefore prefer to operate in a team setting. They don’t want or need the prestige of leadership. Low budget because funds in churches are always tight. Low maintenance because younger leaders don’t want to be micromanaged or to have to micromanage others. They are secure in themselves so can trust others to make decisions.

The team concept of leadership is seen in Jesus’ ministry and if the church is going to be effective in the future we need to embrace this style of ministry.

The sentence I found most challenging in the article was this: “No one discovers their true worth outside of community”.