I wrote this article for Christian Today about protecting the vulnerable during the pandemic.

In the avalanche of articles about the Coronavirus, from time to time, an article surfaces regarding the sacrifices of younger people for older more vulnerable people. The economic fallout from the virus is likely to affect the employment opportunities and earning capacity of working adults for years. Meanwhile, older people will continue to live off pensions and superannuation, which may decrease in value but is likely to continue to support them. Our prime minister was asked about this at one of his many press conferences. I was encouraged to hear him reply that he governs for all Australians regardless of their age, health or status. All Australians are worth making sacrifices for. All are worth protecting.

Christianity holds the view that all people are created in the image of God and therefore have worth and value, even if they are never able to contribute to society or are no longer able to do so. However, the media tells us that we live in a post-Christian society, that God is irrelevant and science holds all the answers to the origins of life. Children are taught evolution theory in our schools which holds to the principle of the “Survival of the Fittest.” The scientific evidence indicates it’s the strongest of the species that survive and the weakest perish. This is the logical outcome of evolution. Therefore, it is a valid question to ask why are we protecting the vulnerable?

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