This semester I am going to be studying the book of Acts at Bible College and I thought I would share some of my discoveries here.

It is generally agreed that Luke wrote Acts as well as his gospel particularly because they are both addressed to Theophilus. It seems that Luke was a Gentile, making him the only Gentile author of a Biblical book. This should not be a surprise God was always including Gentiles – Ruth, Rahab, Tamar, Bathsheba.

One of the interesting questions in regard to Acts is, when exactly did the church stop being Jewish? In the early chapters it seems the Jewish believers continued with their Jewish customs but when Paul starts his missionary journeys he did not make new believers follow Jewish customs. Church history records a lot of tensiion/conflict between Jewish believers and non-Jewish believers which is very sad. There are many views on whether the Jews are still God’s people or whether the church is now God’s people. From Romans 11 it seems that currently the Jews are experiencing a period of “hardening” or of being “broken off” but the time is coming when “all Israel will be saved” (11:25-26). So I feel the Jews are still God’s people and the church is God’s people, but one day, “there shall be one flock” (John 10:16).

I believe God’s promise to Abraham is still valid, “I will bless those who bless you” (Genesis 12:3). For this reason I hope my nation continues to support Israel.