The last lectures drew my attention to Acts 2:16: “But this is that which was spoken by the prophet Joel.”

“This is that” is a highly significant phrase in the book of Acts. Peter is saying what they see and hear (2:33) has been promised and all that is happening is the fulfilment of God’s plan and purpose. While the events of Pentecost were surprising and unexpected to the people of the day, it was always part of God’s redemptive plan. God wants a people who, like Adam and Eve before the fall, would be open and honest in the presence of God with nothing to hide. People who would be in close fellowship with Himself, walking and talking with Him. God always intended to send Jesus Christ because this was a necessary part of God’s plan to make a people for himself who were sanctified. It was always part of God’s plan to send His Spirit so his people were spirit-filled and empowered to live in close fellowship with God. God is forming a people with whom he can spend eternity and from God’s perspective, all is going according to plan.