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Sport and routines and a wedding

February 4, 2009

Every sports person/sports team I supported last weekend lost! I was hoping Safina would beat Williams and that Federer would beat Nadal neither did. Australia lost the cricket to New Zealand on the last ball after losing to South Africa on Friday. Even in the Super Bowl, which I know nothing about, I was hoping the Arizona Cardinals would win. Only because Ben Graham (the punter) once played for Geelong, the team that I follow in Australian rules football. I guess that is the nature of following sport—you never know who is going to win. At least in the spiritual realm I know who wins!

Life for me is returning to its routines. January is a slow month for me. Since it is school holidays many of the activities I’m involved in go into recess, there is lots of tennis and cricket on the TV and it is hot. Last week we had five days in a row over 40ºC, and on some of those days it got to 43ºC (109ºF)—fortunately the humidity is very low. But now it is February, school has resumed, activities are re-commencing, life returns to the routines. I don’t find this to be a bad thing. It is almost a relief. I guess I’m the sort of person who finds routines comforting.

Though having said that this coming weekend my routines will happily be thrown out the window as my son is getting married on Saturday. So if I’m not around here very much you’ll know why!

by Susan Barnes
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