While on holidays I thought about going to see the movie, I am Legend but it looked a bit dark and gloomy so I decided against it. However a friend of mine did see it and was telling me about the movie. Then she said, “I won’t spoil it for you by telling you how it ends in case you do go and see it.”

I replied, “You won’t spoil it for me by telling me how it ends. In fact I would rather know how it ends so I can decide if it is worth seeing”

I feel the same about books I often skip ahead, read the last page or the last chapter because I want to know if the story is worthwhile enough to warrant the effort of reading all the in between bits. I want to know if the issues are going to be resolved in a manner that I find satisfactory. I want to know if the end is a place I want to get to. I guess I have been disappointed too many times to take the risk.

Perhaps even more surprising is that I’m quite happy to watch a replay of a tennis match (and sometimes other sports) even when I know the outcome. Knowing the ending of the match doesn’t spoil it for me because it is the journey that interests me.

I feel like one of the few people in the world who just doesn’t like surprises.

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