“Look what I can do!” says my young child, swinging from the monkey bars.

As parents, we’re delighted with our children’s first attempts at doing something new, whether that’s new vocabulary, new skills or a new level of understanding. As they grow, we’re proud of their little achievements and cheer them on. Sometimes though our expectations grow faster than they do. Over time we become less excited about small signs of maturity and desire to see them behaving as adults when they’re still children. Perhaps, we’d like them to learn to sit still and be quiet, so we can take them to functions designed for adults without being embarrassed by their behaviour!

God is the perfect Father who’s patient with his children as he waits for them to mature. He’s always delighted with the smallest step of faith, always thrilled with the faintest prayer that comes from the heart. Our Father is pleased with our desire to live according to his ways and even though we may fail many times, he cheers us on, never expecting more than we’re capable of.

God sent Jesus so we could experience forgiveness and not be condemned for our failures.

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