Children often expect that their Dad can do anything, fix anything that’s broken, solve any problem, meet any need. As children grow they gain a more realistic view of their Dad and realise that mostly there are no magical answers and few quick-fix solutions are successful. Yet no matter how old children are, good Dads are still there, available and willing to help. Though, as children become independent, a good father will no longer intervene but wait to be asked. Even then, he will offer suggestions, rather than solutions.

God wants to be a good father to us. He can fix things, solve problems and meet our needs but knows that magically solving our problems doesn’t help us to mature. He waits for us to ask for his help and doesn’t force his answers on us even though he knows what’s best for us. He strengthens us so we can work through our difficulties. He doesn’t give magical answers or quick-fix solutions but he patiently supports us as we deal with the issues.

Yes, God can fix it. Perhaps only temporarily in this life, but permanently in the next.

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