“Tie this around my head,” said my six-year-old grabbing a dirty dishcloth.

“If you want to play blind man’s buff,” I replied, “let’s use a clean handkerchief.”

It isn’t necessary to use something grubby to prevent someone from seeing, a clean cloth will do perfectly well.

Sometimes it isn’t the grubby things in our lives that prevent us from seeing spiritual truth. It’s not only wrong thoughts and bad attitudes that can lead us away from God. More often it’s the good, clean things. We can be so busy doing good deeds like community work, volunteer programs, or even church work, that we miss the most important things.

It takes time and effort to create space in our lives to build a relationship with God. A relationship that’s not based on what we have done, but rather on what God has done for us. Our efforts to perform good deeds are commendable, but not sufficient to achieve salvation. Our best efforts fall a long way short of God’s holiness.

God sent Jesus to make a relationship with a holy God possible, which happens when we receive Jesus’ righteousness and don’t rely on our own.

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