He wandered into his father’s shed, hands in pockets, but said nothing.

His father stopped and looked up, “What do you want son?”


Children want to be with those they love. They will choose to “hang around” someone who loves them and is interested in their life. For many sharing time together is often more important than whatever they do together. It’s hard to explain the joy and comfort of just spending time with someone you love.

God made us for relationships with one another, and also for a relationship with him. He knows that isolation and loneliness aren’t good for us. He wants to be with us, to have a close relationship with us, to enjoy our company because he loves us. He wants us to experience the joy and comfort of being in his presence. And he paid a great price to make this possible—the life of his son. God went to great lengths in sending Jesus to live and die so that relationship with us could be permanently restored.

Now he waits for us to spend time with him.

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