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Quotes from Sara Maitland

May 22, 2008

Further to my post yesterday I read this last night in A Big-Enough God and thought it very amusing:

The spell-check programme on my word processor, which I have to say is both pagan and right-wing, does not care for the word ‘sacred’. Every time I ran this text through the programme it wanted changed the word ‘sacred’ to the word ‘scared’. I know that feeling, I have it; everyone in the Bible has it – they were always ‘sore afraid’ when they encounter the sacred: the Ark of the covenant, the burning bush, the angelic messenger, the authentic dream.

The author finishes on a more serious note:

… there is nothing much wrong (indeed there is rather a lot right) with this feeling, with reminding ourselves of the grandeur, the otherness of God, along with the tenderness and generosity. (pg. 123)

by Susan Barnes

Susan Barnes

~ writer of insightful posts about God and faith

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