“Dada, dada. Dada, dada,” practised my 10-month-old.

When our babies say their first word, we’re delighted and often record the date. As toddlers begin to talk we don’t criticise them for incorrect pronunciation or bad grammar. We’re so thrilled to hear their attempts at communication, that we don’t consider the imperfections of their words. Children talk about whatever is on their minds, at any time of day or night. They are blunt and honest. They don’t feel the need to hide their motives nor are they embarrassed by their inadequacies.

Similarly, God is thrilled to hear from his children. Our prayers don’t have to be eloquent speeches or formal recitals, but simply a genuine attempt to communicate. Jesus lived on earth as a man and experienced all the emotions that we do, so he‘s able to empathise with us. We can talk to him whenever we like, about whatever is on our minds, our frustrations, disappointments and anxieties. We have a God who not only hears but understands and feels our pain.

God longs to hear the honest cries of our hearts and he’s only a prayer away.

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