I think the reason Christians are generally reluctant to share their faith is because they don’t have much faith to share. A lot of Christians don’t expect God to do anything out of the ordinary unless they have a problem so if pressured to share a faith story they tell second hand stories of other people’s answered prayer. It seems like their faith doesn’t impact their lives Mondays to Saturdays. I wonder if they ever pray for direction or wisdom or guidance on Mondays to Saturdays? Or if they do pray for it, do they then look for it or expect it?

It was very apparent to me while I was away on holidays earlier this year that God was orchestrating our days and on several occasions we unexpectedly met people we knew but perhaps the most striking evidence of God’s involvement in our holiday happened on my birthday. On that day we were travelling along an isolated part of the highway. About lunch time we came across a petrol station with a small cafe. Since the next opportunity for lunch might be some way off we decided to stop. As we entered the cafe I was struck by the “Happy Birthday” signs that were stuck on the windows and noticed that one of the long tables was set with birthday decorations. Someone from the community was celebrating their birthday in the same cafe that we chose for lunch on the same day as my birthday. I felt very blessed to eat my lunch surrounded by happy birthday signs. Some may say it was a mere coincidence but I expect and believe that God is going to impact my daily life and some days He does so in obvious ways. Parents some times arrange special blessings for their children and some days God arranges special blessings for us, if we have eyes to see them. I believe this was one of those occasions.