I have written here about the value of a shared experience. There is value in sharing a book with someone, sharing a church service or other bonding experience. Recently I read Caroline Gladstone article, Hands Across the Water in the Sydney Morning Herald where she writes about the shared experiences that happen when people meet on holidays:

We all know that having a friend on the journey lightens the load and heightens the joy. But why do some endure? Just like in any relationship, you’ve got to do some heavy lifting to make it work. Just because there are a million ways to say in touch these days doesn’t mean you will. Back in my day, to invoke my inner old fogey, you had to put pen to paper if you wanted to stay connected. I think friendships endure because that person and that shared experience touched something deep within us, sparked a feeling that is warm and feels good when we recall it.

Shared experiences do indeed touch something deep with us, and they are worth pursuing because God has made us for community.