Obeying God becomes easier when we understand and believe that God will only ask us to do what is best for us. The problems come when we don’t want God’s best, but prefer to settle for second-best or even third or fourth best. It’s our natural tendency to pick what’s easy rather than what’s best.

Our example of this is when two and half tribes asked Moses for land on the east side of the Jordan. “‘If we have found favor in your eyes,’ they said, ‘let this land be given to your servants as our possession. Do not make us cross the Jordan'” (Numbers 32:5). At this point in history, it wasn’t what God had in mind for these tribes, but he allowed them to settle there. It wasn’t a good move, and later on we see the difficulties that eventuated between these tribes and the others. They had settled for second-best.

Let’s develop our friendship with God so we know him better, so we desire his best, and have an understanding of what he is doing in our lives.